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Blockchain Platform Cloud and On Premise Oracle.
October 24, 2020 Faster, Easier Development of Smart Contracts is Here Today with Blockchain App Builder for Oracle Blockchain Platform. September 17, 2020 Three Startups Grow with Oracle Blockchain Platform Cloud Service. August 15, 2020 Advancing Enterprise Blockchain with the Latest Generation of Oracle Blockchain Platform.
Riot Blockchain, Inc. RIOT.
Riot Blockchain Inc. focuses on bitcoin mining, supporting the bitcoin blockchain by participating in Bitcoins consensus system through proof-of-work mining, racing to find the next block and building upon the chain. We aim to be one of the largest and lowest-cost producers of bitcoin in North America.
Bitcoin Block Explorer BTC.com.
Bitcoin Block Explorer. Click to enter the new version of explorer. Height Relayed By SizeB Reward Time Block Hash. 7.0686 8841 BTC. 7.1324 3807 BTC. 9 minutes ago. 6.9130 1769 BTC. 26 minutes ago. 6.9508 9410 BTC. 31 minutes ago.
Blockchain: The revolution that hasn't' quite happened BBC News.
image caption Cryptocurrency Bitcoin is perhaps the best-known use of blockchain. Blockchain has struggled to find a purpose, beyond powering cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. In that scenario, the blockchain acts as a universal record of every Bitcoin transaction ever made. The blockchain is a ledger, or log, of those transactions and users on the network collaborate to verify new transactions when they occur.
Blockchains for Social Good EIC pilot Research and Innovation European Commission.
The Prize proposed to cover areas such as traceability and fair trade, financial inclusion, decentralised circular economy, transparency of public processes, participation in democratic decision-making, and management of public records. The Prize sought to award a total of 5 million euros to the innovators that come up with the most promising Blockchain solutions in different social innovation areas.
Blockchain PwC Belgium.
FISMA, the directorate of the European Commission responsible for EU policy on banking and financial stability asked PwC to investigate Blockchain as a solution to make mandatory reporting on derivatives transactions traceable and compliant with applicable regulations. Together with Claryon, we devised a Blockchain solution that uses smart contracts to implement digital doppelgängers, or digital representations of derivatives trading documents, created on the Blockchain.
Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and Implications edX.
The final part of the course takes a deep dive into the various use cases of blockchain, complete with analyzing real examples of how different industries are executing the technology and improving their business. Examining a problem, and then depicting a blockchain use case that solves the problem, will help gain an understanding of how blockchain is applied to real-world situations.
Blockchain 50.
Key Executive: Jeanie Hong, head of blockchain center. Best known in crypto for its work using Ripples payment system to build a cross-border payments app, this Spanish banking giant broke new blockchain ground in September 2019 when it issued a 20 million bond on the public ethereum blockchain.
On EOS Blockchain, Vote Buying Is Business as Usual CoinDesk.
Spencer Bogart, of Blockchain Capital, sounded similarly resigned to the situation, telling CoinDesk, I think most, if not all, on-chain governance schemes will eventually amount to implicit or explicit vote-buying schemes, so it may be in EOSs interest to simply embrace this fact rather than resist it.
China Adopts Security Standards for Blockchain Applications in the Financial Sector Blockchain Bitcoin News.
The digital yuan is said to be partially based on blockchain technology but as news.Bitcoin.com reported recently, the Chinese central bank has filed 84 patents relating to the digital currency. What do you think of Chinas decision to adopt security standards for blockchain applications in the financial sector?
The strategic business value of the blockchain market McKinsey.
An example of a convener following this strategy is Toyota, whose Research Institute set up the Blockchain Mobility Consortium with four global partners to focus on blockchain solutions for critical accelerators of autonomous vehicles: data sharing, peer-to-peer transaction, and usage-based insurance.

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